LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill is sebang mill authorities years of effort, with widespread vertical roller mill as a starting point for investigation, combined with the user needs of production of ultrafine grinding vertical mill in ultrafine grinding, grading, transportation in among the list of continuous improvement of gear structure as well as the introduction of. Feed particle size is 10mm, the hourly output of 5-18 tons, chemical market, metallurgy, turn into the preferred gear metal ore powder processing business.

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Working Principle of Vertical Roller Mill

The material via the spiral feeder on disc center, by centrifugal force motor drive reducer drives the disc rotation, the material is uniformly moving millstone around, when material passes via the disc roller area, by roller compaction, bulk material crushed, squeezed smaller sized particles formed soon after the bed of particles crushing. After getting crushed components will continue to move from the edge from the grinding disc, by air into the air inlet in to the powder choosing machine grading, the powder picking machine blade below the effect of powder size doesn't meet the requirements into the lap re grinding, powder reached the standard together with the air enter the pulse dust collector to collect the powder choosing machine. Powder collecting discharge is completed powder. Mixed iron along with other impurities inside the material, due to grinding and gravity, the disc edge, can't be taken in to the airflow mill chamber, was sent for the mouth spit slag scraping plate, in the external host.

The quality of the finished product.

Applying the principle of vertical grinding abrasive layer, the short residence time of material inside the mill grinding, cut down duplication, so the product containing iron consumption, whiteness and purity. The product particle size of much less than 70% on the powder content 2 m, to attain the 325 target low residue, and can raise two instances extra fine-grained powder, decide on the solution.

High grinding efficiency

The engine speed is controlled by frequency conversion, extensively applicable to several different components. Roller sleeve and a liner grinding curves with particular style, type much more easily than ordinary grinding material layer, a grinding to the needed solution fineness. The use of mechanical and electronic double limit protection device, successfully avoid the roller and the grinding disc lining board in direct make contact with, avoid destructive shock and vibration.

Good economic benefit

The lengthy separation principle powder machine, and each rotor frequency manage, the grinding fineness within the chosen variety might be two times, without separation, with out the presence of inferior material. Superfine grinding and extended separator principle, inside the production on the very same fineness grade solutions, compared together with the other 30% to 50% mill, power saving, high economy benefit.

A high level of environmental protection

Tiny vibration, low noise. The whole equipment sealing, and perform beneath stress, no dust, clean atmosphere, the needs of environmental protection is higher than the national typical.

The cost is low

Equipped with automatic control technique, can comprehend remote handle, easy operation. The PLC/DCS automatic handle of the grinding roller stress handle, precise control of the grinding pressure, doesn't will need manual operation. The grinding roller and grinding perform not make contact with, along with the grinding roller and also the plate is created of premium quality materials, significantly less put on and extended service life. Can turn out to a repair replacement of grinding roller, roller, lining board is easy, decrease the loss of shutdown. The grinding roller lubrication by utilizing separate lubrication station, plus the single roll grinding circuit adopts double pump suction pump in the very same time operating mode, even though the roller bearing get sufficient lubrication and cooling, and may keep away from indoor roller bearing deposit as well substantially oil leak.





Wheel diameter(mm)




Capacity (t/h)




Fineness 400~650Mesh




Material Size(mm)


< 10






Main Motor Power(KW)








Classifier Motor Power

15 KWx5

15 KWx7

15 KWx7

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